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District 99

Oo Bakso

Premium taste in traditional Indonesian meatball

OO Bakso specializes in traditional Indonesian meatball, renowned for its robust, aromatic broth and tender meatballs made from premium ingredients.
Located within Griya Persada Hotel Kaliurang, OO Bakso offers a cozy dining atmosphere where guests can savor the rich flavors of local cuisine, making it a must-visit for both locals and tourists seeking an authentic culinary experience.


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Semua Layak Datang, Semua Layak Senang

Jagat District is a place that offers a variety of culinary and entertainment options for various tastes, making it a popular destination for local residents and tourists who want to enjoy a variety of culinary and entertainment experiences in one area. Here, visitors can enjoy a wide selection of restaurants with diverse tastes & various service activities!