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Jatayu Garden


Welcome to Jatayu Garden, a hidden paradise within our captivating hotel environment. 

Here, you’ll discover a vast garden adorned with animal statues and wayang figures, creating a magical atmosphere that enchants you from the moment you step in. 
This garden is not just a children’s play area with delightful swings and slides, but also a place where imagination and adventure come to life. With treehouses inviting exploration, gazebos offering shaded relaxation spots, and flower gardens captivating with their natural beauty, every corner of Jatayu Garden exudes unforgettable charm. 

Do you wish to experience tranquility by watching fish swim in the pond, or perhaps start your morning with a jog around the lush greenery? 

Here, you can find a balance between joy and serenity, between adventure and simplicity. 
Come join us at Jatayu Garden, where every step brings you closer to the wonders of nature and unparalleled beauty.”


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It offers a wide range of dining and entertainment options for all tastes, making it a popular destination for locals and travellers who want to enjoy a diverse dining and entertainment experience in one area. Here, visitors can enjoy a wide selection of restaurants with diverse flavours & fun activities!