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Meeting Room

Mantili Meeting Room

The Mantili Meeting Room is an ideal space for small gatherings. Capacity for 12 people. It offers a professional and comfortable environment, perfect for meetings, presentations, and collaborative sessions. Equipped with modern amenities and designed for optimal productivity, the Mantili Meeting Room ensures a seamless and efficient experience for all attendees.

Pancawati Meeting Room

The Pancawati Meeting Room is a versatile and intimate space designed to accommodate 18 people. Perfect for small meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, it offers a comfortable and professional environment with modern amenities to ensure a productive experience.

Astagina Meeting Room

The Astagina Meeting Room is a versatile and modern space designed to accommodate 19 people. Ideal for business meetings, workshops, and small conferences, it features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating, and a professional ambiance to ensure productive sessions.

Laksmana Pavilion

The Laksmana Pavilion is an ideal venue for small to medium-sized gatherings, comfortably accommodating 20 people. This well-appointed space offers a professional environment perfect for business meetings, workshops, and team discussions.

Bale Kuntara

The Bale Kuntara provides an ideal setting for your business meetings and events. Designed to comfortably accommodate 40 people, this room features modern amenities and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, ensuring a professional and efficient atmosphere.

Pancanaka Meeting Room

The Pancanaka Meeting Room is an elegant and spacious venue designed to comfortably accommodate 70 guests. Ideal for business meetings, conferences, and seminars, it features modern amenities, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, and flexible seating arrangements to suit your needs.

Haruta Meeting Room

Haruta is a spacious and versatile meeting room. With a capacity of 100 people, this well-appointed space is perfect for conferences, seminars, workshops, and social gatherings.

Kendalisada Meeting Room

Kendalisada offers a spacious meeting room, capable of accommodating 100 people. With its ample space and modern amenities, Kendalisada is the ideal venue for conferences, seminars, and corporate gatherings in the serene setting of Kaliurang.

Palwaga Seta Meeting Room

Palwagaseta is an expansive meeting room that effortlessly accommodates 140 individuals. Designed for versatility and comfort, this spacious venue is ideal for hosting large-scale events such as seminars, trainings, and corporate conferences.

Ayodya Meeting Room

Ayodya is an expansive meeting room adorned with exquisite Javanese ornaments, transporting you to the heart of Indonesia’s cultural richness. With a capacity to comfortably host 150 individuals.

Pendopo Maliawan

With its traditional architecture and spacious interior, Pendopo offers a unique setting for gatherings, conferences, and events, blending cultural richness with modern functionality.


The Kumbakarna offers semi outdoor multi-functional room arrangements to suit various types of events. With 90 seats capacity, whether you need a dining room, meeting room or other request, we can customize the layout to meet your needs.

Alengka Terrace & Garden

Alengka Terrace & Garden, a breathtaking venue perfect for hosting your outdoor events amidst the beauty of nature. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate function, family gathering, or social celebration with 60 seats capacity, Alengka Terrace & Garden provides a picturesque setting combined with exceptional service to create unforgettable moments.

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